Salvation: What is required to secure your spot in heaven?

1. We have all sinned

The first thing we have to realize is that we have all sinned (Rom 3v23). Sin is breaking God’s laws (1John3v4). This includes things like lying, cheating, stealing, hating, jealousy, sexual sins and drunkenness (Gal 5v19-25). Others may not know of our secret sins – but God knows (Psalm 90v8). At the end of this life we will be judged on our deeds in this life (2Cor5v10, Rom2v6). Being a good person in most aspects of our life doesn’t make up for our sins. Even our own human judicial system knows this. We don’t get excused from speeding fines just because we are a good person and pay our taxes and donate to charity. Sadly our sins separate us from God (Is.59:1,2) and there is no way we can do anything about this on our own (James 1v14-15).

2. God loves us and wants us to come back to Him

God wants every person to come back to Him (2Pet.3:9). God is Holy (holy) and can not abide with sinners (Ps.5:4,5). It is our own sin that separates us from God. Yet despite this God loves us so much that he has provided a way for us to come back to Him (John3v16). It doesn’t cost anything. It is a free gift from God (Eph 2 v8-9). God sent his son Jesus to die on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins (1John 2v2). You don’t need to turn to Muhammad, Martin Luther, the Pope or anyone else to be saved. None of these people died and were resurrected. God’s only son Jesus is the only man who has done this (1Cor.15:3-8) and therefore is the only way to God (John14v6)

Accepting God’s gift – be baptized

God has created humans in his image (Gen1v27). We have free will. God will not force us to accept the free salvation he offers all. Sadly if we do not accept salvation then we will die in our sins (Jn.8:24) and will be eternally separated from God (Rom 2v5-11)

How do we accept God’s free gift? God’s Bible is the inspired word of God and gives us all the answers to how to be saved (2Pet.1:3). God has given us the answers in his word.

  1. Believe in God and His son Jesus who died for our sins on the cross that he is able to save you from ALL your sins no matter how long ago or how bad they may be (John20v31).
  2. We must repent (Acts 20v21). We must acknowledge and confess our sins in our life and turn away from them. You can not still be entangled by sin whilst being saved with God (1John3v9)
  3. Be baptized (immersed in water) which is a spiritual act of the death of our old life and rising up from the water in Christ to a new life where we are forgiven of our sins (Rom6v4, Acts2v41, Acts 22:16; cf. 1Pet.3:21)
  4. We must continue living a lift that is faithful to Christ (Rev2v10). We must turn away from our old sinful ways and live a new life (Eph4v22-24). Understanding the Bible and reading God’s word shows us how this can be done (Acts17v11). Living in Christ now only allows us a spot in heaven but we can have blessings and peace in this life (Mark 10v29-30).

You might be surprised to know that there is no where in the Bible that says just by saying the sinners prayer alone you can be saved (read Acts 2:38). There is nothing about babies being christened (read Mk.16:16). There is nothing in the structure of God’s church about a ‘pope’ (read Matt.23:9). Sadly many men over the years have changed God’s word to suit their own desires. Jesus warned about this that it is pointless “they worship me in vain, their teachings are merely human rules” (Matt 15v9).

If you have questions about the above or would like to know more please join us on a Sunday, send us an email or give us a call. We would absolutely love to chat further about this. As fellow humans and previous sinners we have now found peace with God and would love to invite you to do the same. We don’t provide you with any man made answers – all our information comes directly from God’s inspired word, the gospel, the Bible.