Robbing people of Salvation using a dead robber

Many people are being taught to neglect baptism today, and are thereby being robbed of the opportunity to be saved.

  • How wrong! How sad!
  • How can we expose this great lie.

1.  Jesus and the thief died on their respective crosses.

2.  Jesus rose from the dead the third day.

3.  Jesus was with His apostles 40 days before ascending into heaven.

4.  About 10 days later the power came and the preaching began!

5.  Then the baptising also began!

So what about that thief on the cross …

(i) They say that thief “wasn’t baptised”

(ii) That thief lived and died too early for baptism “in the name of Jesus” (Acts 2:38)

(iii) Baptism “in the name of Jesus” requires Jesus’ resurrection to have taken place

(iv) We are not living when that thief did!



The Transfiguration of Jesus (Matt. 17:1-8)

An exposition of Matthew 17:1-8


  1. appreciate that the apostles were eyewitnesses of Jesus’ majesty (Matt. 17:1-9)
  2. look forward to seeing Jesus just as He is (Matt. 17:1,2)
  3. recognise that Jesus fulfilled the Law and the Prophets (Matt. 17:4)
  4. understand that the Law and the Prophets have been replaced (Matt. 17:4-8)
  5. always recognise Jesus as God’s Son (Matt. 17:5)
  6. always listen to Jesus (Matt. 17:5)
  7. not be afraid (Matt. 17:6-8)