Behold the Goodness and Severity of God

Behold the Goodness and Severity of God – If God and Jesus so Love us, how can he send us to Hell? Some people have trouble with this scenario but when we better understand God’s nature, we can see how this is so. Take sometime to listen and hopefully be blessed by todays Sermon. Please see below for scriptures used in todays sermon. The Goodness of God Righteous/Holy Psa 145:17 Life Gen 2:7-9 Mercy/Lovingkindness Psa 100:3-5 Longsuffering Psa 86:15 The Cross Isa 53:2-11 The Severity of God The Destruction of the Old World Gen 6:5-7 The Proposed Destruction of His People Exo 32:7-10 The Lord Pours out His Fury Like Fire Lam 2:1-17 The Judgement Seat of God The Day Of Judgement Psa 9:7-8 Jesus is the Righteous Judge Joh 5:22-24 Jesus will send the Righteous to heaven and the Unrighteous to Punishment Mat 25:31-34