Jesus’ Example of Preaching the Gospel

Jesus’ Example of Preaching the Gospel

There is no better example to study and imitate in “preaching the gospel of God” (Mk.1:14) than Jesus Christ Himself:

  • His teaching was perfect.
  • His conduct was perfect.
  • After all, He was sinless!
1.  Jesus preached in accordance with God’s expectations 
2.  Jesus preached to save the lost
3.  Jesus preached because of compassion for the lost
4.  Jesus’ conversations had a spiritual goal in mind
5.  Jesus’ preaching emphasized God’s authority
6.  Jesus preached to all kinds of sinners
7.  Jesus’ preaching was narrow
8.  Jesus preached baptism to religious people
9.  Jesus preached about commitment
10.  Jesus encouraged others to preach
11.  Jesus’ preaching did not always change lives

Spiritual Growth is a Choice

Spiritual Growth is a Choice

Just as a healthy physical life involves growth, so too a healthy spiritual life is a process of growth

Physical growth takes place naturally/automatically.

  • But spiritual growth is not automatic – it is a choice we have to make.

Sadly, not all Christians grow spiritually

Spiritual Growth Is A Choice

  1. Commanded by God
  2. Requires diligent effort
  3. Assisted by God
  4. The example of the Thessalonians

Words of Defeat or Words of Victory?

Words of Defeat or Words of Victory?

How do we react when things don’t go as planned?

  • How do we react when times are hard?

Perhaps you have economic, family or health concerns?

Do we live our lives with words of defeat (like Job’s wife, the sons of Israel, the one talent man, Felix)?

Or do we live our lives with words of victory (like Job, King Hezekiah, Queen Esther, the apostle Paul)?

Prove All Things. Pt 1 Quench Not the Spirit 1Th 5:19

Prove All Things. Pt 1 Quench Not the Spirit 1Th 5:19

  • The Spirit
  • The Pouring out of the spirit was prophesied Joe 2:28-29 KJV
  • We receive the Spirit at water Baptism Act 2:38 KJV
  • Why do we need the Spirit? For the Apostles Joh 14:26 KJV For Us Rom 8:26 KJV
  • The Spirit Can be Taken Psa 51:11 KJV
  • Quench not
  • Stiffnecked and Rebellious from the start Deu 9:6-7 KJV
  • Surely It Changed Once in the Land Jer 5:23-31 NAS95
  • What About in Jesus day Mat 15:8-9 KJV
  • Enough is Enough Neh 9:30 KJV
  • Watch! For the Son of Man Come A Name that you Live Mat 25:1-4 KJV ( (lu17:20-21) 1Pe 4:16 NAS95 Rev 3:1 KJV
  • The Bride Groom Comes Mat 25:5-6 Heb 10:36-37 KJV
  • I know you Not Mat 25:7-13

God Made them Man and Woman

Gods Commands for Creation

After his Kind Gen 1:24-25 KJV

The flood of Noahs Day Gen 6:19-20 KJV

Be Fruitful and muliply Gen 1:26-28 Mat 19:4-6

Plan for Food changed Gen 1:29-31 Gen 9:2-4 KJV

A Very Good Creation marred by man’s sin Gen 1:31 Gen 3:17-19 KJV

Man’s Commands without God

Hold the truth in unrighteousness Rom 1:18-20

The sin of Idolatry Rom 1:21-23

A reprobate mind Rom 1:24-28

Jesus Commands for Believers Live peaceably with all men Rom 12:17-18

Be people of truth Joh 3:20-21 KJV Gal 4:16 KJV (16)

Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

Be people of love Eph 4:14-15 KJV 1Co 13:4-6 NAS95

Preach Christ Crucified. 1Co 1:21-24 NAS95 Mat 28:19-20 NAS95


Lessons from the book of Ezekiel

understand that sin matters to God
know that God is strong and mighty
always be strong in the Lord
recall that the eyes of the Lord are everywhere
realise that we cannot flee from God’s presence
recognise that it is Heaven that rules
know the glory of God in the face of Christ
fear God
accept the word of God for what it really is

Lessons Learned Too Late

1st Kings 13

The man of God began with courage and devotion to God, but very sadly ended in tragedy.

Lessons to be learned:

  1. Religious people don’t always tell the truth.
  2. Sincerity alone does not make things right.
  3. Earlier obedience will not cover later disobedience.
  4. God means what He says.

The man of God learned these lessons too late to do him any good.

  • Will we avoid making the same mistake he did?

Pride Goes Before a Fall

  • Introduction Pro 16:17-19
  • The Sin Of Pride
  • The Attributes/Characteristics of Proud Person Psa 10:2-11, Pro 13:10
  • God Will judge the Proud according to his deeds Psa 94:2-4 This side of Eternity Lev 26:17-20 Or in the Day of the Lord Isa 2:11-12
  • Pride in Action Hamans Promotion Est 3:1-6 Hamans Boast and Conspiring Est 5:9-14. Let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined. Est 7:6-10
  • Blessings of the Humble Boast No Longer 1Sa 2:3 Jer 9:24
  • Be Contrite and Humble Isa 57:15, Luk 18:9-14
  • Humility in Action 2Co 12:2-9