Prove All Things. Pt 1 Quench Not the Spirit 1Th 5:19

Prove All Things. Pt 1 Quench Not the Spirit 1Th 5:19

  • The Spirit
  • The Pouring out of the spirit was prophesied Joe 2:28-29 KJV
  • We receive the Spirit at water Baptism Act 2:38 KJV
  • Why do we need the Spirit? For the Apostles Joh 14:26 KJV For Us Rom 8:26 KJV
  • The Spirit Can be Taken Psa 51:11 KJV
  • Quench not
  • Stiffnecked and Rebellious from the start Deu 9:6-7 KJV
  • Surely It Changed Once in the Land Jer 5:23-31 NAS95
  • What About in Jesus day Mat 15:8-9 KJV
  • Enough is Enough Neh 9:30 KJV
  • Watch! For the Son of Man Come A Name that you Live Mat 25:1-4 KJV ( (lu17:20-21) 1Pe 4:16 NAS95 Rev 3:1 KJV
  • The Bride Groom Comes Mat 25:5-6 Heb 10:36-37 KJV
  • I know you Not Mat 25:7-13

Render unto Caesar

  • Submitting to authorities
  • Subject to the Higher Powers Rom 13:1-2; Joh 19:10-11
  • Pray for those in Authority 1Ti 2:1-2; Ezr 6:10; Psa 72:1
  • Christ leaving us an example Luk 23:35-39; Luk 23:34; Luk 6:27-28; 1Jn 2:6
  • Let God Be True The Times are a changing Gen 2:21-24
  • The Kings Laws Dan 3:10-15; Est 3:8
  • Submit unto God and not men Dan 3:16-18; Act 21:10-14
  • A Citizen of Two Kingdoms
  • You must Be Born again Joh 3:3-5
  • Those who Live by the Sword Mat 26:50-54
  • Caesar Renders unto you Act 22:22-29

Three Important Bible Periods

  1. The Promises (Christ)
  2. The Law
  3. The Gospel (Christ)


  1. God does not lie!
  2. Rejoice in the Lord always!
  3. Today we live by the gospel / the law of Christ and not by the law of Moses!
  4. Do the deeds of Abraham today!

Greet one another with a holy kiss

Greet one another with a holy kiss: Romans 16v16

Today’s lesson: “Greet one another with a holy kiss.” (Rom. 16:16a; etc.)?

Do we obey this today?

1.  The “holy kiss” is a New Testament command

2.  New Testament commands are to be obeyed

3.  Obeying the command to greet with a holy kiss