We Are More than Conquerors through Him who Loved Us!

  1. Victory in Christ

(i) Victory over sin

(ii) Victory over the evil one

(iii) Victory in temptation

(iv) Victory over error

(v) Victory in growth

(vi) Victory in suffering

(vii) Victory in all things

(viii) Victory even in death

  1. Our part in this victory

(i) Get into Christ

(ii) Stay in Christ

(iii) Encourage others to do (i) and (ii)

Strangers and Exiles on the Earth

Introduction (Godly people)

  1. This life is not a destination, but merely a journey (death; resurrection; judgment; eternity)
  2. Our destination is not reached until the end of the journey (the ungodly; Christians)
  3. We must journey in the right way to reach the right destination (how saved; perseverance)